Sensitivity Elimination Treatment (Set-DB)


Are allergies or sensitivities holding you back from living your best life?

Set-DB can assist with many different types of sensitivities and conditions, including:


*Food sensitivities     *Hay Fever     *Chemical sensitivities

*Autoimmune sensitivities     *Fibromyalgia     *Hypothyroidism

*ADD/ADHD     *Allergy-Related Autism     *Seasonal Allergies

*Childhood Ear Infections     *Eczema     *Asthma

*Mold     *Environmental     *& More





Dr. Boothe's groundbreaking Sensiivity Elimination Treatment, or SET-DB™ for short, could be your ticket to freedom!


Unlike traditional allergy treatments, SET-DB™ targets sensitivities, not allergies, and can work wonders in a matter of minutes or hours, not years.



Dr. Teryl Boothe, the mastermind behind SET-DB™, is a highly respected practitioner with years of experience. 

His protocol doesn't just alleviate symptoms; it eliminates sensitivities at their root.



With SET-DB™, you can experience life-changing results:


 No more allergies or sensitivities

 Improved overall health

 A significant reduction in symptoms

 The freedom to enjoy a wider range of foods

 A better quality of life


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SET-DB Sensitivity Elimination: Don't let sensitivities hold you back any longer

Discover the power of SET-DB and embark on your journey to a healthier, happier you!


Inhalant "Hayfever" Program (10 sessions)  $600 Sale $400


Food & Nutrients Program (25 sessions)  $1,500 Sale $950


Autoimmune Program (22 sessions) $1,320 Sale $850


Inhalant & Food & Nutrients (34 sessions) $2,100 Sale $1,360


Food & Nutrients & Autoimmune (47 sessions) $2,820 Sale $1,895


Inhalant & Food & Nutrients & Autoimmune (56 sessions)  $3,420 Sale $2,240


A la carte individual sessions $60 Sale $40 


(All programs include initial Category Scan, Food Trigger Scan, O.S.S.T. Scan)


Additional discounts when combined with other Zyto scans, family scans, and/or Personal Coaching for Wellness!


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SET-DB Suggested Programs:



Inahalant "Hayfever" Program


1. Phenolics    2.Trees    3. Grassess

4. Weeds    5.Dust    6. Flowers

7. Mold/Fungus    8. Fumes    9. Epidermals

10. Household Chemicals



Foods & Nutrients Program


1. Amino Acids   2. Phenolics    3.Minerals    4. Vitamins

5. Fatty Acids    6. Sugars/Sweetners    7. Gluten/Glidan    8. Grains

9. Wheat Digestion    10. Dairy    11. Dairy/Egg Proteins    12. Food Additives

13. Fruit    14. Vegetables    15. Meat/Poultry    16. Seafood

17. Beans/Legumes    18. Nuts/Seeds    19. Fats/Oils    20. Beverages
21. Spices/Seasonings    22. Misc. Foods    23. Pesticides    24. Chemicals    25. Salicylates



Autoimmune Program

(includes Autoimmune Scan)


1. Hormones    2. Neurotransmitters    3. Glands    4. Adrenal

5. Liver/Lung/Kidney    6. Lymph/Sinus    7. Heart/Circulation    8. Stomach/Intestines

9. Brain/Nerves    10. Male or Female    11. Skeletal    12. Muscles

13.Ears/Hearing    14. Eyes/Vision    15. Enzymes    16. Glycolysis/Krebs

17. Inflammatory Response    18. Cytokines    19. Probiotics    20. Teeth

21.  Immune Basics    22. Misc. Autoimmune 



Addtional Items in Library


*Viruses    *Bacteria    *Mycotoxins    *Radiation    *Heavy Metals

*Plastics    *Vaccinations    *Insects    *Hygiene/Grooming Products

*Endocrine Disruptors    *Recreational Drugs    *Water Contaminants

*Oxalate Biochemisty    *Oxalate Foods-High    *2019 Outbreak

*Allergic Proteins (No Wheat)    *Geopathic Stressors    *Methylation

*Nightshades    *Tace Minerals





Sensitivity Elimination Treatment was developed by Dr. Boothe, or SET-DB™ for short, is a unique program in that the treatment is done to the nervous system, not the immune system. Because of this, the program can work in minutes, or an hour or two, instead of years.



Read what Jacquenline Krohn, M.D., wrote in her book Allergy Relief & Prevention:


“Allergies are not just a nuisance to be ignored until they can no longer be denied—they constitute a health problem that must be treated. Untreated allergies can lead to more serious problems as we get older. Blood pressure problems, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases can develop as a result of untreated allergies. 

If we do not take the time to treat allergies and to get well now, we will have to take the time to be sick later.”



What is Sensitivity Elimination Treatment?


SET-DB is a protocol that eliminates a sensitivity response. 

This means when you do a  SET-DB session, you'll no longer react to what you were cleared for. Dr. Nambudripad called this treatment Allergy Elimination Treatment.

Is it allergy or sensitivity?

What we're dealing with in this type of protocol are sensitivities, not true allergies. That’s why Dr. Boothe calls his protocol Sensitivity Elimination Treatment.

Allergy is a medical term. For something to be called an allergy the substance has to elicit an immune system response, usually involving IgE antibodies. If there is no immune response, there technically is no allergy.

My patients often told me their allergy tests were negative, or mostly negative. When they asked their allergist what was causing their "allergy" symptoms, they were told something like, "Oh, you're just sensitive to a bunch of things."

Does a patient care what something that's making them feel bad is called? Absolutely not. What they want is to feel better, and SET-DB™ helps them feel better.

Let me throw this in, just to muddy the waters. I've cleared patients with anaphylactic allergies and they were able to eat the food the following day. I know other practitioners who have done the same. So, clearing a sensitivity obviously had an effect on a true allergy. Think about that for a while.

History of Sensitivity Clearings

There are two pioneers in SET: Dr. Devi Nambudripad and Dr. Ellen Cutler.

It is to Dr. Boothe's knowledge that sensitivity reactions could even be cleared was discovered by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, serendipitously, while she studied acupuncture. She refined the process over the years and began teaching it to other practitioners, calling it Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). (Read my NAET page for my thoughts on Dr. Nambudripad’s protocol.)

Dr. Ellen Cutler ran a busy NAET practice north of San Francisco, in Marin County. Shortly after she had a positive experience with enzyme therapy, she developed her own technique: BioSET. She changed the clearing procedure a little, added enzyme therapy and homeopathic detoxification, and improved on Dr. Nambudripad’s overall approach.

About Dr. Teryl Boothe

Dr. Boothe graduated from Palmer-West Chiropractic College in 1987 and ran a solo practice until 2012 in Modesto, CA. He became interested in "allergy elimination" treatment (now called "sensitivity elimination") in 1998. After a long journey of discovery and refinement, he developed SET-DB™



SET-DB Sensitivity Elimination: Don't let sensitivities hold you back any longer

Discover the power of SET-DB and embark on your journey to a healthier, happier you!


Inhalant "Hayfever" Program (10 sessions)  $600 Sale $400


Food & Nutrients Program (25 sessions)  $1,500 Sale $950


Autoimmune Program (22 sessions) $1,320 Sale $850


Inhalant & Food & Nutrients (34 sessions) $2,100 Sale $1,360


Food & Nutrients & Autoimmune (47 sessions) $2,820 Sale $1,895


Inhalant & Food & Nutrients & Autoimmune (56 sessions)  $3,420 Sale $2,240


A la carte individual sessions $60 Sale $40 


(All programs include initial Category Scan, Food Trigger Scan, O.S.S.T. Scan)


Additional discounts when combined with other Zyto scans, family scans, and/or Personal Coaching for Wellness!




Q & A’s

Q: Do Sensitivity Elimination Clearings work?

A: They most assuredly do. At least the way SET-DB™ practitioners do them. SET-DB™ works every time, with very few exceptions. NAET and BioSET worked, but their clearings often have to be repeated in the office or at home by the patient.
There have been other protocols over the years that purported to eliminate a sensitivity response, but they’ve seemed to have fallen by the wayside.



Q: What’s the difference between an allergy and a sensitivity?

A: Most MDs and researchers have a narrow definition of allergy. It only occurs when the immune system makes an IgE antibody to something. If no IgE is made, it’s not an allergy. However, many people react to things they’re not allergic to. These kinds of reactions have several names: hypersensitivity, adverse reaction, and sensitivity. I like and use sensitivity. Even though antibodies aren’t made, the immune system can still be activated by unknown means, but likely by the nervous system, which runs everything in the body.


Q: How are allergies and sensitivities discovered and treated?

A: Most trips to a medical allergist, or immunologist, office involve “scratch tests.” They’re easy to administer and insurance companies readily pay for them. Some might order blood tests that do a better job of finding food allergies. Treatment consists of allergy shots, medication, or in rare instances, a rotation diet to try and train the immune system to tolerate foods it has made antibodies to.
Sensitivities can be discovered in several ways. Manual testing via a leg length check or muscle test are common, but are also slow. Computer-aided scanning can find sensitivities faster and can check for more things as it involves a database of potential stressors. Having checked manually and with computer-aided tools, I prefer the ZYTO Elite as sessions typically take less than five minutes. Sensitivities can be cleared with SET-DB™.
The question a ZYTO stress scan answers is: Do these substances stress a patient or client’s body and, if so, to what degree? It could be an allergy or a sensitivity, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is it stresses the body.
To speak plainly, a ZYTO scan does not “diagnose” allergies, but it can find things that stress the body. SET‑DB™ does not treat allergies, it clears sensitivities.


Q: How does SET-DB™ work?

A: The SET-DB™ clearing procedure is natural, drugless of course, and non-invasive. It can be safely done on infants and the elderly, regardless of their health status. There are no known contraindications or side effects. There is only a four-hour avoidance period after each clearing, and it really is a “soft” avoidance.
Sensitivities are cleared one group of like items at a time, such as grains or dairy. A methodical procedure is laid out in the Practitioner Manual found in the SET-DB™ Basic Package. Certain categories are typically scanned and cleared before others. Once they’re done the SET-DB™ practitioner can choose which remaining categories to do in what order based on their clinic experience or the patient or client’s history. Or they may choose to simply go through them in the order suggested in the manual.


Q: Does SET-DB™ get rid of sensitivities permanently?

A: The real question is, do SET-DB™ clearings need to be repeated? Almost never. If a clearing does need to be repeated it’s usually because the person failed to avoid what they had cleared for four hours. But that rarely happens because SET-DB™ manuals teach proper procedures to practitioners and staff. 


Q: Does getting rid of sensitivities improve health?

A: It certainly can. Just look at the patient and practitioner testimonials below to see how people have been helped with SET-DB™. There are hundreds more who didn’t want to write a testimonial and many hundreds who’ve been helped by SET-DB™ practitioners in the U.S. and Canada.
Not every symptom is caused by an allergy or sensitivity. But, if a sensitivity does cause or contribute to a symptom that symptom will likely remain, perhaps even get worse, until the sensitivity is cleared.


Q: How long does it take to start feeling better with SET-DB™?

A: It varies. Some people get seemingly miraculous results in one or two sessions. Most feel better little by little as they go through their program. Our fibromyalgia patients experienced a 33% reduction in their overall symptom profile after just six clearings, usually about three weeks. If you know anything about fibromyalgia you know what a great statistic that is.


Q: How many clearings do people need?

A: Some people get a few clearings while others get forty or more. It depends on how many sensitivities they have and how good they want to feel. Also, some only want to have a sensitivity to their cat cleared, so they might only have one. SET-DB™ practitioners never push people to get care they don’t want or think they need.
The manuals teach practitioners how to set up programs to help people get all the care they need. A ten-visit Inhalant program helps people with hayfever and a twenty-five-visit Foods and Nutrients program helps those with food sensitivities. The advanced Fibromyalgia and Thyroid Protocols suggest programs that range from twenty–to–forty visits.


Q: Does the procedure involve taking a lot of supplements?

A: No. Even the advanced Fibromyalgia and Thyroid Protocols suggest only three or four supplements in addition to SET-DB™ clearings. The Organ System Stress Test (OSST) BioSurvey included with the Basic Package produces one homeopathic formula. (The OSST is not part of the clearing procedure, but it is part of the Fibromyalgia and Thyroid Protocols.) The focus of SET-DB™ is to rid the body of as many sensitivities as possible to remove obstacles preventing people from enjoying better health.




SET-DB Patient Testimonials


Before SET-DB: “I have always sensitivity to certain foods. But as I became older I started having symptoms of tongue swelling, rash (in face), and my throat closing. It had gotten so bad that I was afraid to try any new foods. I just stuck to the basics.”

After SET-DB: “I started treatment in January 2005. I had started putting back in my diet foods that I had been avoiding. I have not used my inhaler, my EpiPen, or Benadryl since January. My skin itches less and no more rashes. I am very thankful for Dr. Boothe. I would recommend this treatment for everyone.”— Sandra C.


Before SET-DB: “Before I received sensitivity treatment I could never seem to feel ‘normal.’ Over the past few years I had gone from being able to eat anything to dreading a night out with friends. I knew that I only had about an hour after eating before I would feel the terrible pains in my stomach and the need to vomit. I also could not seem to feel rested. Even if I had a night of full sleep I would wake up feeling stiff and tired. Usually follow­ing one of my restless nights my muscles would seem to feel tight and burn.”

After SET-DB: “After sensitivity treatment, I am pleased to say that I no longer fear eating out. I enjoy my meals because I know I won’t have to worry later. I have also been able to go months without any sleep disturbance. During the day I rarely feel tired or depressed. I feel like I have regained my life!”— Nicole E.


Before SET-DB: “Approximately two-three years prior to coming to Dr. Boothe’s clinic, I was diagnosed with food allergies. The symptoms I had were: 1) Gastric dumping – which was beginning to affect my health. It did not matter what I ate, 30-45 minutes later my body would eliminate the foods in the form of gastric dumping—uncontrollable diarrhea. 2) Pale-to-grayish skin tones. 3) Difficulty getting out of bed every morn­ing. 4) After working every day – no energy to do household chores, even cooking a meal. 5) Not able to wear costume pierced earrings without my ears becoming infected and bleeding. 6) Not able to breathe through my nose. 7) Stuffy nose – was told my nasal passages were full of allergens.”

After SET-DB: “1) I no longer have gastric dumping – I have normal bowel elimination now. 2) Just after 3-4 treatments I began to feel better and was looking forward to the next treatment. I noticed I had more energy and was feeling better and better after each treatment. 3) I get up quicker and have energy to do daily house­hold chores. 4) Everyone tells me that they notice my skin tone has more natural color and my eyes are not dull or appear sad as before the treatments. 5) I now can wear the cheapest pair of costume pierced earrings all day without any problems. 6) I feel more lively and have been told by others they have noticed this about me. 7) My nose is not as stuffy and I can breath. I highly recommend that if anyone has or think they have food allergies, or other allergies, to give these treatments a chance.”— Linda M.


Before SET-DB: “My daughter was 6 months old when I began to feed her solid foods. I was careful to feed her only the baby foods that I prepared for her at home. When she was 6 months I noticed that her cheeks would break out in terrible eczema on occasion. I took her to the doctor and he told me that it was probably food allergies and that I could put cortisone crème on her cheeks when they got really bad. Because I had been giving her a variety of different foods, I had trouble pinpointing the specific culprit(s) of her allergies. I was also uncomfort­able putting steroid crème on such a young baby.”

After SET-DB: “When my daughter was 10 months old I discovered the ‘Allergy Center.’ After her initial testing we learned that she was sensitive to bananas, tomatoes, citrus, peanuts, and eggs. Dr. Boothe treated her for these foods. We noticed a difference almost immediately. The eczema on her face cleared up and we began to give her all of the foods that she had been treated for. We were so excited to see that she could eat them without any adverse reactions. She is now 18 months old and we still testify to a clear and beautiful complexion!”
— Melina W.


Before SET-DB: “From the time Thomas was 6 years old he suffered from migraines, insomnia, leg cramps, inability to concentrate, intestinal hyperness, nail biting, and chronic hives. Thomas suffered from hives for about three years. He was unable to eat most foods. We tried everything we could think of to help him: conventional medicine (no help there), homeopathy, herbal treatments, chiropractic, and foot reflexology.”

After SET-DB: “After his first treatment he was free of hives for the first time in three years and almost all of his other symptoms were gone too. We are so grateful for Dr. Boothe and his allergy treatments!”— Cheryl H.


Before SET-DB: “I have suffered from allergies my entire life, causing frequent bouts of allergy-related ill-health. I used to be a runner, but as my health declined so did my ability to exercise. I found when I exercised, I would spend three days in bed before I could exercise again and that cycle continued. I was at a loss with what to do concerning my ill health as my allergies began to build at an alarming rate. It got to the point that I could eat very few foods. My mind was clouded and I was undernourished. I was desperate when a dear acquaintance referred me to Dr. Boothe. By this time I had spent thousands of $ on medical tests, with very minor help as far as Dr. recommended treatments and medications. I felt my life hanging in the balance. I was struggling to survive.”

After SET-DB: “I decided to do my own investigation and see if my results from Dr. Boothe’s treatments were as dramatic as my friend’s. It was amazing to me that each treatment I received from Dr. Boothe gave immediate results. Since receiving treatments from Dr. Boothe, my overall health has improved dramatically. My energy is up and I can exercise again and feel energized. I am alive again! I tell everyone I know that suffers from allergies about the amazing results I have experienced from Dr. Boothe’s Allergy treatments.”— Alayna M.


Before SET-DB: “I have been allergic to all fresh fruits and vegetables for almost all my life. This allergy was so bad that just a lick or even touching it could send me to the hospital. There are so many foods I had never been able to eat.”

After SET-DB: “Dr. Boothe started treating me and within a few visits he pinpointed the problem: ‘gallic acid.’ Now I have a new life! I can eat fruits and vegetables and just about anything I want. I can eat healthy foods and I feel great. I got to eat an orange and strawberries which I have not tasted in over 25 years. I’ve been enjoying life again.”— Jody H.


Before SET-DB: “As long as I can remember I’ve had really bad allergies. They started as a child and I’m now 28 years old. I’ve had attacks every day with no exceptions. I took allergy shots for two years with very little or no improvement. I work around animals and I would sneeze, get watery eyes, and many times get rashes on my arms from contact with animal hair.”

After SET-DB: “After about two or three treatments my attacks were not as severe. I was not sure if it was all in my head but after a few more treatments the sneezing stopped. I cannot remember a time with no allergies until now. I wish someone had brought me here sooner.”— Tony F.


Before SET-DB: “Michael had chronic ear infections beginning at 2 months of age. By 31 months he had received 29 courses of antibiotics and needed tubes in his ears. Prior to consenting to surgery we decided to explore other options. We had a blood test for his food allergies. He was allergic to all the common foods he ate. His symptoms of ear infections, asthma, and irritability were completely controlled as long as he didn’t eat the offending foods. Over the next 2 years we were unsuccessful at re-introducing the allergic foods.”

After SET-DB: “After just a few treatments Michael is now eating milk, eggs, cheese, and wheat. He has not had any problems with asthma or his ears since we introduced the foods this time. Our life is much easier now that all meals do not have to be planned around allergies! What an exciting day it was for Michael when he discovered he could eat ice cream without an asthma attack.”— Becky M.


Before SET-DB: “I have always been allergic to grass and weeds, especially when I lived in the Bay Area. I couldn’t be in the grass or weeds without my eyes starting to itch, starting to sneeze—sometimes five times in a row. It was miserable. I also was suffering from plantar fasciitis. My doctor gave me stretching exer­cises to do. It took months for the pain to go away only to have it return after only one month of being pain free.”

After SET-DB: “I recently went to Castro Valley in the Bay Area at a park in the hills for a baby shower-picnic. I spread my blanket out on the grass. There were trees and weeds all around me. I had not one symptoms of even having an allergy. I was amazing! I am so pleased to say, and so thankful to Dr. Boothe because after only one week of treatments my foot pain has gone away. It has been three weeks and still no foot pain.”— Jacqueline R.


Before SET-DB: “I was in pain all the time. There were days I couldn’t leave my house and could barely get out of bed. Nobody really had a handle on the root cause so treatment suggestions varied widely. I tried many things I read about online: Xango juice, ruby reds, etc. Some of them would give some relief, but only temporarily. After a while, anything I tried would fail me. What bothered me the most was that my life had changed so drastically and there were so many things I loved to do that were long longer possible.
“I was extremely skeptical when I first [heard] about Dr. Boothe’s treatment. I knew nothing about the treatment, but was skeptical merely because I’d tried so many things before. [Then] I went to a presentation Dr. Boothe did. When I heard the philosophy and the procedures involved, I was sure I wanted to give it a try.”

After SET-DB: “My life has been given back to me! I have no fibro pain at all anymore and I rarely even take a nap during the day, let alone sleep all day. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you enroll in Dr. Boothe’s program right away and start finding relief. He has an incredible success rate and people from all over come for these treatments. Why? It’s simple—you will get your life back!”
Note: Melanie was also an asthmatic. She was able to greatly reduce her inhaler use but didn’t write about it because we asked her to write about her experience with our fibromyalgia treatment program. Fibromyalgia patients have their sensitivities eliminated, just as patients who go through the asthma program.— Melanie T.


Before SET-DB: “Sleep: 3 hours at a time, sometimes only 3-4 hours a night; groggy in the mornings, difficult to rise; sleep during the day, especially in the afternoons. Activity: Chronic fatigue, periods of laying on couch most of the time; couldn’t cook dinner or go to the store. Migraines: A way of life, was taking “triptans” 2-3 times daily, OTC’s not helpful at all; frequency of migraines was daily for most of the month. Bladder: frequency and urgency about every hour to hour-and-a-half at most; planned everything around restrooms. Sore Throat: chronic sore throat, hoarse after any singing, unable to sing with projection, wondered if I’d ever be able to sing like I used to.”

After SET-DB: “Sleep: All night long, 7-8 hours, wake up at 6:30 or 7:30 ready to get up and go, excited about the day; rarely sleepy in the afternoons. Activity: Normal, walk for 35-40 minutes most days, able to cook dinner most evenings, actually enjoying it for the first time in years. Migraines: Reduced to headaches, about one every few weeks, no nausea at all now. Bladder: much improved, can go 2-3 hours or longer, no longer focused on restrooms, I consider it normally functioning now. Sore Throat: no sore throat, able to sing again, back in choir.”— Kathy C.


Before SET-DB: “After 2 years of extreme pain, fatigue, etc., I was diagnosed with neurofibro­myalgia. I had seen 5 doctors trying to get to the cause of my suffering. My primary doctor had given up. I had severe facial pain, headaches, tooth­aches, depression, and I was tired all the time. I had horrific nightmares.”

After SET-DB: “I feel so much better! Dr. Boothe found I was allergic to so many things. My nightmares are gone and I sleep so much better. The fatigue is greatly diminished, I’m not depressed anymore, mostly because the pain isn’t wearing me down! The Allergy Center was the first place to give me hope. I recom­mend them highly. The treatment is painless and effects are immediate. Thank you Dr. Boothe and Penny!!”— Kittie F.

What is the cost for the SET-DB Allergy Elimination Technique?

The cost is $45 per category. Each person will need a different number of sessions based upon their individual sensitivities. We offer discounts for those who will need several sessions.



SET-DB Sensitivity Elimination: Don't let sensitivities hold you back any longer

Discover the power of SET-DB and embark on your journey to a healthier, happier you!


Inhalent "Hayfever" Program (10 sessions)  $600 Sale $400


Food & Nutrients Program (25 sessions)  $1,500 Sale $950


Autoimmune Program (22 sessions) $1,320 Sale $850


Inhalent & Food & Nutrients (34 sessions) $2,100 Sale $1,360


Food & Nutrients & Autoimmune (47 sessions) $2,820 Sale $1,895


Inhalent & Food & Nutrients & Autoimmune (56 sessions)  $3,420 Sale $2,240


A la carte individual sessions $60 Sale $40 


(All programs include initial Category Scan, Food Trigger Scan, O.S.S.T. Scan)


Additional discounts when combined with other Zyto scans, family scans, and/or Personal Coaching for Wellness!



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